Corporate Social Review

About Corporate Social Review

The Institute for Corporate Social Development – ICSD introduces Corporate Social Review magazine, a comprehensive structured communication platform and source of Corporate Social Investment, Responsibility and related information, commercial and economic news and political developments that has been structured for South African and international businesses, non profit organisations and governments across the globe, to align their vision and strategies with the unified effort to achieve a ‘more developed, democratic, cohesive and equitable world economy’.

Social responsibility: 7 core subjects

• Organisational Governance
• Human Rights
• Labour Practise
• The Environment
• Fair Operating practise
• Consumer Issues
• Community Involvement and Development

Organizational governance – practicing accountability and transparency at all levels of your organization; using leadership to create an organizational culture which uses core values of social responsibility when making business decisions.

Human rights – treating all individuals with respect; making special efforts to help people from vulnerable groups.

Labour practices – providing just, safe and healthy conditions for workers; engaging in two-way discussions to address workers’ concerns.

Environment– identifying and improving environmental impacts of your operations, including resource use and waste disposal.

Fair operating practices – respecting the law; practicing accountability and fairness in your dealings with other businesses, including your suppliers.

Consumer issues – providing healthy and safe products, giving accurate information, and promoting sustainable consumption.

Community involvement and development – getting involved in the betterment of the local communities.