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CSRHub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on nearly 5,000 companies from 135 industries in 65 countries. Managers, researchers and activists use CSRHub to benchmark company performance, learn how stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices and seek ways to change the world.

CSRHub rates 12 indicators of employee, environment, community and governance performance and flags many special issues. We offer subscribers immediate access to millions of detailed data points from our 150-plus data sources. Our data comes from six socially responsible investing firms, well known indexes, publications, “best of” or “worst of” lists, NGOs, crowd sources and government agencies.

By aggregating and normalizing the information from these sources, CSRHub has created a broad, consistent rating system and a searchable database that links each rating point back to its source. CSRHub’s patent-pending system aggregates and normalizes 10 million data elements from over 150 data sources – including private sources that cost $20,000 to $100,000 per year.

We provide powerful search and analysis tools and link transparently to our data sources. Users can customize our ratings to match their personal preferences and share both their ratings information and preferences with others.

You can immediately see sustainability ratings data on nearly 5,000 companies with the CSRHub Sustainability Ratings widget.

See environment, employee, community and governance scores. Our widget can be set to feature any company, industry, special issue or country. Users can customize our ratings to match their personal preferences and share both their ratings information and preferences with others.

More detail on the widget includes:

• Search for any company name or ticker in our database. The search “looks ahead” to help you find the correct company.
• When you find a company, you will immediately see its overall rating, category level ratings, it’s industry, and if there is a teaser section, how many sources contributed data for these ratings and how many special issues affect the company. To get even more information, you can click on the company’s name and go to the CSRHub site.
• You may also click on the company’s industry, to immediately see an industry search on the CSRHub site.
• A second expanded data section may be set to show information for a country, an industry, a data source, a special issue, or for companies that have the same first letter in their name.

About the Widget

These ESG/SRI sources have never previously allowed an outside group to combine their data into a single product.

We add and harmonize data inputs from government, NGOs, publications and crowd- and social network – based sources.

This makes CSRHub one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of CSR and sustainability-related information.

CSRHub data is being used for…

• Benchmarking
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Branding
• Supply Chain Tracking
• University Research
• Consumer Behaviour

CSRHub offers:
1. Personal Subscription
2. Professional Subscription
3. Enterprise + Academic Site License – (site license costs vary)

CSR Ratings

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