Corporate Social Review

Service Provisions

The ICSD offers a wide range of Corporate Social Investment-related services to organizations and individuals in the public and private sectors, as well as in the professions.
These include:

• Thought leadership
• Training
• Advisory services
• Assessments
• Project Management
• Communications
• Marketing
• Public Relations
• Business Development
• Consultancy
• Media – Corporate Social Review

Thought leadership The ICSD is committed to stimulating and advancing awareness of Corporate Social Investment / Responsibility in South Africa and Internationally. We participate regularly in public debates in the media and provide various media platform lead through our quarterly publication Corporate Social Review.

ICSD staff members do presentations at public events and participate in academic conferences. They also provide contributions to academic and popular publications and communication platforms.

The ICSD tracks international trends within CSR and has direct links and associations with International CSR agencies and service providers.

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