Corporate Social Review

ICSD Introduction

ICSD – The Institute for Corporate Social Development

INSTITUTE FOR CORPORATE SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT SOUTH AFRICA (ICSD SA – a registered non profit organisation Reg. No.2011/125350/08)

To create a platform that stimulates debate and generates awareness of the need for real Corporate Social Investment in education, health, social integration, community development, agriculture and the environment.To raise corporate, political and public awareness through training, publicity and on-going advocacy of these issues on behalf of our identified beneficiaries.

Creating Public, Corporate and Political Awareness regarding Corporate Social Investment, Responsibility and Sustainability through various media, training, association and partnerships with local and global organisations that advocate commitment within these and related areas. We strive for the advancement towards a more economically-just and environmentally-sustainable society as we embrace the way for new standards of corporate citizenship.

Provide ancillary support to identified beneficiaries.

The ICSD provides various media and communications platforms for Corporations / Organisations / Government and its agencies to publicize and promote their Corporate Social Investment programs and initiatives, sustainability endeavours, environmental commitment and corporate governance and other related news and information.

The ICSD encourages and promotes the commitment of Corporate Business to investment in various programmes related to training and development, the environment, Health and Safety and all facets of business and education.

The ICSD aims to create mutually beneficial associations between non profit organizations and corporations through targeted corporate philanthropy. This belief is entrenched in the understanding that successful economies the world over are characterized by the strong and strategic nature of the engagement between the public and private sector.

The Institute for Corporate and Social Development (ICSD) is a non-profit, public benefit organization. It was incorporated in October 2011 and commenced operations in January 2012 The idea of The ICSD originated in 2009 when the founder member Treasure Louw was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, having worked in the corporate environment for 30 years with the last 20 spent as Marketing and Communication Manager for a large commodities company, Treasure came to face the challenges of living with a degenerative illness in a society ill equipped to understand and deal with the condition and came to realize that the situation was not unique to her illness and that there was a need to look at the bigger picture.

Though results from extensive research both local and international the concept of the ICSD was developed. The SA Governments Green Economy Plan, the Department of Social Developments Research on Socio – economic trends, research conducted by CSR Asia, and the European Commission all indicated the need for change within CSR. Some of the outcomes resulted in the implementation of the new 2011-2014 strategy by EC for CSR and a world trend to a change in the manner with which CSR is implemented in business, taking CSR to another level as an evolving concept, and no longer random charity or philanthropy behaviour instead CSR is looked upon strategically within business operations, governments, sustainability and development.

The Institute for Corporate and Social Development (ICSD) started its operations with a small grant from the founding member and sustains its operations by the income it generates through the training, products and services it offers to organizations in the public and private sectors, whilst maintaining professional associations and its clients.

We are driven by the need to integrate innovation, communication and training – seeking out new solutions and channels, developing new products and services to new and existing markets within the areas of Corporate Social Investment, Responsibility and Sustainability. While we remain dedicated to our core mission, clients, products and services, we recognize that future growth depends upon our ability to achieve our full potential in both our existing markets and those markets we are currently researching and developing.

As a South African organization we have been blessed with access to remarkable bio-diversity and a rich natural heritage. In pursuit of sustainable success we will continue to explore and communicate that bio-diversity and harness that potential to the very best of our collective abilities. We strive to network with organizations and businesses domestically and internationally to engage a global forum for CSI and related areas.