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DATE: 11 – 14 September, Coca – Cola Dome Jhb

Business opportunities and Franchise Expo, 11 – 14 September, 11 – 14 September, Coca – Cola Dome Jhb

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EVENT: African Utility Week 2014
DATE: 13-14 May 2014 CITCC

The 14th annual African Utility Week boasts a world class conference combined with the largest showcase of technology machinery & solutions for the power and water sector in Africa.

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Neil Borthwick,
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Book conference pass/submit a paper:
Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl,
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Viviana Fuso,
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ICSD Training
Event: CSR / CSI Management and non – management in South Africa

There are over 90 000 registered NGO’s in South Africa. Corporate Social Responsibility spending exceeds 7 Billion Rand per annum.Government Social spending exceeds 20 Billion Rand per annum in total – not counting international donations and donor spend – over 27 BILLION Rand is spent in the social sector in SA every year.

The Social sector employs more people than the manufacturing sector in South Africa.In today’s economic and social environment, organizations around the world and their stakeholders are increasingly aware of the need for and business benefits of socially responsible behaviour.These interactive and practical workshops linked to the principles and practices of IS026000 CSR guide will equip employees and management with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to develop and implement social investment strategies that reap benefits for both organizations, employees, society and communities proving that doing good is good for business.

Who should attend?These workshops are suitable for all levels and positions within the organization

Workshop 1: CSR -CSI – Strategic Thinking, Planning and Development – How to implement within different disciplines – all levels of Management.

Workshop 2: CSI-CSR –  Introduction to CSR and CSI – Non- Management Level – Understanding the CSR programs implemented by the organization and how to implement small CSR initiates within own communities.

Workshop 3:Train the Trainer Program – Covers Workshop one and two.


What is covered? (Understanding the difference between CSR and CSI and the value it adds to the organization, employees, environment and communities – how each person can make a difference in their own way within their work place or within their communities)

• Identify South African trends in social responsibility.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the role of social responsibility within the organization,   considering how the decisions you take at work can make a difference.
• Identify seven core subjects that social responsible organizations should address.
• Review the principles of social responsibility.
• Conduct a gap analysis to evaluate the organization’s current social responsibility situation,   recognizing the strategic dilemmas   and opportunities for all aspects of the organization in   implementing CSR strategies.
• Demonstrate an understanding of how to integrate CSR into corporate strategies, decision   making and management to add both financial and non-financial value to the company and   society in which the  organization operates.
• Identify internal and external stakeholders.
• Link social responsibility initiatives to organizational objectives.
• Evaluate social responsibility action plans against the principles of social responsibility.
• Engage with stakeholders.
• Implement social responsibility initiativesB

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