Corporate Social Review



Size:297 mm deep x 210 mm wide
Cover:Pages: 4 Pages.
Printing: Printed Sheeted Offset, in 4 process colours throughout
Paper: Paper: PMP Gloss 285gsm
Text: Pages: 100 / 152 Pages.
Printing: Printed Sheeted Offset, in 4 process colours throughout
Paper: PMP Gloss 115gsm
Binding : Pur bound with cover drawn on and trimmed flush
Frequency: 4 Issues per Annum
Print Run: 10 000 Hard Copy Units Distributed at no Charge

We publish in:

Electronic form: Corporate Social Review Online – our publication and news service and will be freely available for downloading to all those interested in the latest in the field of Corporate Social Investment, responsibility, business and economic related information.

Hard copy: Corporate Social Review – an quarterly magazine, of which 10 000 copies will be distributed locally and internationally, that reviews and reports on a variety of topics including business case studies, CSI trends, initiatives and projects including the latest regarding environmental integrity, climate change and general business and corporate news and information for the global corporate and political audience.

Corporate Social Review Correspondence – In addition to the publication, Corporate Social Review will also distribute quarterly newsletters for senior executives; distributed to amongst others SRI personnel, executive committee members, politicians and large companies and investing institutions globally. The Corporate Social Review Newsletter will be an established name in the CSR and corporate field.

Marketing Services: Direct email and mailing services – CSR report, announcement and relevant information will be available through our hard, electronic editions, websites, networking and email alerts that will strive to reach more a vast number of global professionals, including but not limited to the CSR and SRI fields.

Company Focus – an in depth review of the social, environmental and ethical performance of individual companies, will form part of the content ensuring current, relevant and practical CSI endeavours and strategies.

Recruitment services – advertise your CSR and sustainability vacancies direct to The Institute for Corporate Social Development (ICSD) reader base, receiving opt-in recruitment email alerts.

Events services – advertise your events and training courses to an established and targeted readership. Events will be posted on the ICSD and Corporate Social Review website as well.

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