Corporate Social Review


Showcase your commitment as a sustainable business that prioritises Corporate Social Investment providing depth and enhancing perspective to your organisation.

• Comprehensive source of economic, commercial and political information with diverse subject matter and broad appeal.
• Display your organisation’s commitment to rural development, skills, infrastructure development and environmental sustainability including job creation and the promotion of
favourable economic conditions.
• Increase investor confidence and attract new investment opportunities through shared common values integrated with commercial, economic and political news and activity.

A distinctive and balanced availability of advertising support by editorial ensuring maximum market impact.

• Significant branding and PR opportunities for your company including the ability to position your organisation’s name and brand in new markets.

• An opportunity to promote and position your company’s leadership, vision and values as a responsible business with key stakeholders including: business, government, opinion formers and NGOs; the media; current, future and potential employees, suppliers and customers.

The chance to communicate your company’s products and services, objectives and endeavours through direct marketing channels.

• Harness business development and networking benefits from the various Empowerment events, conferences and workshops across the globe throughout the year.
• An association with this prestigious and dynamic publication whilst aligning your brand with other sustainable, top ‘green’ brands locally and internationally.